Creative Work: Making Something New

ANYONE DOING ANY KIND OF creative work is attempting to have impact and to survive. It’s about making something new and hoping people will like it so you can keep doing it. ~~ Ryan Holiday

A friend messaged me this morning and said, “… I looked at your link and it struck me that is your gift of activism”.

I like that. When I think of it, it’s the truth. I started posting these thoughts and quotes on Instagram almost two years ago. It was part of a New Year’s resolution to ”spread Absurdity and Beauty”, for the world was in needed of it.

Off and on over the last year I’ve considered starting a blog. Though I never moved forward. But last Sunday I was at a potluck brunch of fifteen or so people, and during a round table discussion on “fear”, I read one of my recently posted memes.

Well on that day I gained three new followers. And I had two other followers already there. Five out of fifteen saw a value and a need for this! Well crap, it was time to up my game, and include multiple social platforms too.

So here we both are. Me posting this, and you reading this. I hope you find value here, ’cause the world is in a crazy place.

Stay Tuned!

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