Empty Your Cup

EMPTY YOUR CUP! Often we fill ourselves up to the brim and nothing new can get in. In our own lives we get in our own way. We think we’re experts at something. We become judgers instead of analyzers. We become filled with our own ideas, judgments, and opinions that keep us from learning and processing new information. ~~ @stevemaraboli

Over the last week I’ve encountered multiple quotes by Steve Maraboli. “Who the heck is Steve Maraboli?” Well, it seems he’s been around for a while, I some how missed his work. So I grabbed a sample of his latest book, “Unapologetically You” (2009). And I found his book to be very pragmatic and quotable too, such as this concept of “emptying your cup”.

I often am guilty of not emptying my cup. Of clutching onto ideas, thoughts, and notions. We all do this. We do it for a sense of control and comfort. Though if we just emptied ourselves, opened up, and got out of our own way; we would clash less with the world and learn something. And potentially struggle less.

So empty your cup today.

Stay Tuned!

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