My Life Changed the Day

MY LIFE CHANGED THE DAY I moved beyond just wishing for things and I started earning them. That is the day I learned that we don’t get what we wish for, we get what we work for.
~~ Steve Maraboli

I think most of us in the world have this problem to an extent. We think about wanting certain things, wishing for them, and not putting in the work. Effort to make thoughts and ideas into reality is a superpower of sorts. Though at one level it’s an understandable problem. We get caught up in the moment and the day, the grind of our everyday lives. The seemingly important things that take our attention away, with little else left to make other things happen. Steven Pressfield calls it “The Resistance”. And we forget about compound effort, putting in 1% every day, the small steps that lead to the big things. So be clear about what you want and what you are willing to work for and earn, and build upon that. Make that change.

Stay Tuned!

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