Plant Happiness Wherever You Go

BECOME A HAPPINESS FARMER. Make a habit of planting happiness wherever you go. Complement others every chance you get. Look for reasons to praise and appreciate others. Everywhere you go, everyone you see, make it a daily habit to drip a little happiness on them. The better you treat people, the better people will treat you.
~~ Tom Corley

It’s been said that the way we do small things determines the way we do everything. And so it goes with how you treat other people. We get caught up in the moment and don’t say thank you. We are jumping to the next thing, or looking at our cellphone. But it’s the small moments in life that often make a difference. A huge difference. One negative thing drowns out a multitude of positive. So we have to drown out the negative with tons of positive. In the end, it will make a difference for how you feel and how everyone around you feels.

Stay Tuned!

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