A Day For Murphy

MURPHY’S LAW DOESN’T MEAN that something bad will happen. It means that whatever can happen will happen.

Murphy woke up that morning, not knowing what to expect for the day. But that was true of everyday for him. Would he have to take a different route to work? Would it rain or snow or be sunny? Hard to tell, really. Oh sure, meteorologists could predict what might happen, but how close was that to what would happen? And road crews are well known for working on your road without warning. There was always room for the unexpected. Predictability was, well, predictable. But unexpectedness would always bring something new and different. A challenge to be faced. A new road to take. Something new to learn. What that would be, Murphy didn’t know. Nobody knew. Heck, if that unpredictability was that predictable, he’d be rich. The trick for him was to expect it, so when it happened he would be ready for it.

And truly, that’s all one could ask of self and the world.

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