The Center Of A Whirling World

NOW, IS JUST A MOMENT IN time, at the center of the whirling world, leaving the past behind and continuing into the future. This moment has always been, so enjoy the ride. ✪ ✪ ✪

Beckett’s coffee was warm in hand, as he walked down from the coffee shop to the farmers’ market. Cars whizzed past down the street, ever in motion. “Everything in movement”, he thought. “Even me.” He stopped. A few people walked by unconcerned. But the movement was still there, where he stopped. All around him… The was a slight trembling of the ground. The air drifted, and the clouds above proceeded Eastward. But that wasn’t the end of it. The Earth spun in place in its daily cycle. And the Earth continued to hurtle around the sun, forever trying to fall into it, but missing. And the sun hurtling around the Milky Way. And the Milky Way plunging towards Andromeda, in a high speed, yet slow motion collision of eonic anticipation. And the universe hurtling away from center, on its thirteen billion year old journey.

All that was there. In this moment. Hurtling, hurtling, hurtling at unimaginable speeds. From where he stood, he was in the center of it. The center of all of it! Glued by gravity to a small planet, among the vastness of space.

Beckett paused another moment, swirled his coffee in its mug, took a sip, and walked onward to the market.

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