Slaves Of The Status Quo

ATTACHMENTS HINDER US: TO an image of a person, to wealth and status, to a place or time, to a job or to a lifestyle. They are dangerous for they are outside of our control and make it hard to accept change. We become slaves to maintaining our own status quo. The sooner we become aware of this the better. And the easier to accept whatever happens and move on.

~~ The Daily Stoic

Marcus rowed to the steady beat of the drum on the boat Status Quo. Boom! Boom! Boom! Day in, day out. The sun would beat down on him and make him and his fellow rowers sweat. He always sat in the same place, same row and same seat.

During the day it was non-stop rowing. Though occasionally he had a brief respite. Including at night when he sometimes dreamed. Sometimes he’d wake up in the morning and someone from another seat was gone. A change it was, but he thought little of it.

Then one night he had a dream about the seeing an island to port side. Slowly as everyone rowed, it slid past and eventually disappeared.

Marcus awoke with a start. It was dark. He quietly climbed up to the top deck. The moon was full. The water quiet. In the distance he saw something. Could it be that island that he dreamed about? He couldn’t be sure. But he had to know. He knew he had to leave the Status Quo behind.

So he lowered a dinghy into the still water, catefully climbed aboard the much smaller boat, and rowed alone in a direction no one had ever rowed before.

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