Shed The Old That Binds Your Spirit

IN A LIFE IN WHICH REALITY IS made fresh every day, give up freely what is no longer serving you. Make the conscious choice every day to shed the old that binds your spirit. And release it to create space for what inspires you. This is the path to remain radically present.

Garrett stayed inside. He had little choice. Snow fell and blew sideways through day and night. The sky was an indomitable grey haze. Bitter cold and stinging ice befell any who dare face it. The city gained a thick winter white coat, trapping in the cold, and making going anywhere nearly impossible.

Nearly depressing.

But the next morning, he awoke to a different world. The sun rose in crystal clear skies. And the frozen land was newly white, free from the impenetrably oppressiveness of the day before. Looking upon this new crisp landscape, his spirit rose to freshly join it with a new eyes and attitude. He mused that dark skies sometimes prevail, but only to reveal new landscapes shortly thereafter.

For today was radically different than what came before.

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