An Opportunity To Prove Your Capabilities.

RETHINK CHALLENGES AS NOT something inflicted upon you or an unfair setback, but as an opportunity to prove your capabilities.

Julian had locked himself in. It had been six long years since he made the decision to all the setbacks that befell him. Though it was set in motion even before that. He was unable to escape himself. He was unable to escape the accusations. He was in limbo. It seemed to be the right decision at the time, no doubt. For what he did, he did. He was an individual against a beastly behemoth. He was a hero for god’s sake! Right? Similar to others, Edward and Chelsea.

But the six years had now told on him. Trapped him in time. It seemed he was at a crossroads. Now, as a precursor, he sent on his innocent companion, hoping for a better life for her.

Maybe he should accept the unfair setback and move forward? And prove some new things? But if he decided to, he still could refuse to give in, in whatever course he took. Could he be equal to the new challenges?

[Note: I’m try something different today. “Julian” is Julian Assange. It seems that things might change soon for him. Who knows? An interesting situation to reflect on. TBD.]

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