Never Fail To Be Kind

REMEMBER, HATE IS ALWAYS foolish, and love is always wise. Always try to be nice, and never fail to be kind.
~~ The Twelfth Doctor

James was human. And like many other humans, he was fallible. Capable of great things, and capable of terrible things. Capable of riding high when things were good, and coping (hopefully some sort of thriving) when things weren’t so good. Though time had taught him one thing. That yes, good and bad could come and go. And acting good and not so good could come and go. But it was all about how you faced it. With foolish hate? Or wise love? And in both times, it was up to him whether he was nice or not. Kind or not.

Yes, there were those on the path that might try to drag him down. He could not control them, as much as he wish he could in some shape or form, for again, he was human and sometimes wished such things.

But he could face them with his choice– for one always had a choice. So why not take the high way? For it made the journey that much more palatable. There was no good reason to take the miserable path, the dreaded path, when one had a better choice.

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