Act Well, Given Your Part

REMEMBER, YOU ARE AN ACTOR in a drama of such sort as the Author chooses. If short, then in a short one; if long, then in a long one. If it be his pleasure that you should enact a poor man, or a cripple, or a ruler, see that you act it well. For this is your business, to act well the given part.
~~ Epictetus

Arthur’s play was a shambles. Well, it wasn’t HIS play, but it was the play he was in. The sets were cheap. The other actors forgot their lines. And there was barely an audience on opening night. After all those endless rehearsals with the director, this is what it had come to? But he was fully in it now. It’s not like he could leave the production. That would be admitting defeat. And very unprofessional. As he sat there, putting on his makeup, he dreaded what may or may not happen tonight. It was hard to tell. Hell, last night Roger was nearly hit by a falling stage light. That almost never happens, but it did last night! The curtain was to rise shortly. He would make the best of it. Give it his best shot. Because as every good actor knows, the show must go on!

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