I Just Choose The Light

Via The Tim Ferriss Show, interview with Greg McKoewn.

Tim Ferriss: Perhaps we can just close on the billboard question. Does anything come to mind, a question, a line, a quote, anything that you would put on a billboard as a message to convey to millions or billions of people?

Greg McKeown: Light, just that word.

Tim Ferriss: L-I-G-H-T.

Greg McKeown: That’s it, light. Every moment in our lives, in whatever capacity we’re in, there is always this choice in this moment to step towards light or to step toward darkness. I don’t mean grandiose, as I said before, massive good versus massive evil. It’s not that. But each moment, we have a choice – do I step towards the light? Do I step towards some dark version of this moment? Do I get irritated with my kids or do I be patient? Do I listen to the voice of conscience in this moment or do I just go after what my ego would want to go after?

My experience with this – and I’m just beginning my own journey of it, of course – is that if I pursue what is light, it will bring more light. That light grows brighter and brighter. Maybe it carries on forever until the perfect day, but that’s the idea. Wherever anybody is at, they can do that, whatever choices they have made before.

All of us have made mistakes, right? All of us have chosen in those moments, “Oh, I went down… It was a dark choice.” I don’t mean the dark side like some Star Wars thing where you go over to the dark side, but in this moment, I chose the impatient path. I chose the negative path. I chose the self-interested path. I just choose the light.

In my experience, wherever anybody is on this journey between light to dark, let’s say, wherever they are on that continuum, the people that are the most full of light aren’t the people who have done all the best things in their life, necessarily, it’s which direction they’re headed in. It’s which direction they just made. That’s why it’s so powerful. It’s not getting all burdened about whatever the past has been. It’s in this moment, “Am I leaning into the light or leaning out of it?” That, to me, is like the whole of light in one single rule. That would be my answer for that at least today, light.

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